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Kurt Hummel (AU; Mary-Jane-verse)
27 May
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Come on, VOGUE;

A sixteen-year-old soprano from Lima, Ohio. Flamboyant, a little bitchy, with a well-hidden desire just to be accepted and loved. As catty as he can be on the outside, he's actually a pretty big softy, but he won't let just anyone figure that out about him.

I don't believe in two-dimensional characters. I flesh out my characters to the point some people may think they're OOC, but trust me. I can explain pretty much every reaction. There is a reason. My Kurt has his strengths and his flaws. His major weakness is peer pressure, he tends to care quite a lot about how other people perceive him. Although, most important to him is how Ethan views him, so he'll tend to take his boyfriend's opinion on things over anyone else's (next to his own, of course).

All questions/comments can be placed in the How's My Driving post, which is also sort of a FAQ post.

AIM (Gleeful Giggle) can be used for OOC or IC contact. Just be sure you let me know which you're planning on. Place (*IC*) in your initial IM, please.

Best Friends Forever
ETHAN; grandstaffs -- Kurt's boyfriend. A Glee original character, though he exists in canon in Kurt's Glee-verse.
MERCEDES; moar_chocolate -- Kurt's top BFF. Together they are superior to everyone. :Db
SCORPIUS; smudgedup -- fellow ponce, and Kurt's favorite wizard. At some point in time developed a leeeetle bit of a crush on him. But he's getting over it.
ED; aceupasleeve -- Scor's boyfriend, and one of Kurt's favorite people in the dressing room. Although sometimes they can get into rows. Doesn't everyone get into rows with Ed?
QUINN ("Q"); cheerio_quinn -- an unexpected friendship, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. One of his favorite people to gossip with.
QUINN; quinnthequeen -- second Quinn bff. Apparently these two are just meant to be friends, IDEK. They ice-skated together.
RACHEL; gold_starred -- with the Finn-Competition over, and with both divas getting better at sharing spotlight, they've started a bit of a timid friendship. Kurt still makes fun of her, though, because old habits die hard.
TINA; tttruecolors -- because 'Single Ladies' have to stick together~ (Even though Kurt isn't single anymore. And technically isn't a lady. Shut up, it's a reference and I'm sticking to it.)
BRITT; sq_root_of_4 -- yay Single Ladies~ Also, I am eternally amused that their usernames match. Threads do this: "sq_root_of_4" .. "is_rainbows". I am easily amused, apparently.

My Mirrors
CHILD!KURT; littlestrainbow -- Kurt at age nine. Don't mind the hair clips and the nail polish, or the occasional Spice Girls or Britney Spears song.
CANON!KURT; gleefulkicker -- Kurt from canon Glee-verse. He does not know Ethan, and he's still head over heels for Finn.

Played by pro_digious. I do not own Glee or the character of Kurt Hummel, and I am in no way affiliated with Chris Colfer (his actor). This is for entertainment purposes only. Credits for profile icons in userpics.

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